Sunday, October 06, 2013


My Twenty-Fifth Book

I've had a proof copy for several months but only now is my new book available for general consumption. The Just Not So Stories features no less than 30 of my most absurdist-flavoured tales, including some of my personal favourites such as 'The Leveller of Neptune', 'How to Lose Friends and Alienate People', 'Message to Rosita', 'My Crow Nation', 'The Blue Jewel Fruit' and 'The Sun Trap'.

This collection is dedicated to Nebula Award winner Michael Bishop because the final story in the book was one he graciously consented to contribute to. 'My Own Worse Anemone' is partly set in the Land of Oz and partly in our world; and Michael is a character who gets to speak dialogue he wrote himself. It's always a joy when an author as renowned as he is shows himself willing to involve himself in such playful experiments!

The Just Not So Stories is published by The Exaggerated Press (a relatively new British small-press) and can be purchased here for the sum of £7.99, making it one of my cheapest ever books!

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