Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Young Dictator Audio Sample

The publisher of my most recent novel has made a short film which includes a brief reading of the opening of the first chapter. I'm going to fib and say that the extract is read aloud by Dylan Moran because that's who it sounds like and also because I'm not actually sure who 'Thaddeus Lovecraft' really is. He might be Mark Lloyd, who runs Pillar International Publishing, or he might not be. Anyway I am thinking that my novel might make a rather nice audio book and the publisher agrees with me. Watch this space.

The Young Dictator is available from Amazon here and other online bookshops and hopefully soon will be on the shelves of real bookshops too.

I agree with this
If you listen carefully you can just make out Chris O'Dowd in a few phrases. It isn't Chris but you can convince yourself that it is.
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