Saturday, December 28, 2013


A Cat Called Tufty

A photo of the cat Tufty with the illustrated book of cat stories and poems that features Tufty on the front cover... The artist I had lined up for the cover was too busy to produce any work so I just used a photo I had already taken of my favourite cat; and when the book was published I showed it to the real cat. I think he was impressed but I can't be sure.

More Than a Feline is available from Lulu (the printing company, not the female singer) by clicking on this link and the book is currently, er... the 11,922nd most popular book on the sales rank there!

Hello Rhys. The cat in your picture is truly beautiful. I've shared the link to your book on my 4 Facebook pages, because I am a human of my pet cat and an author of a book about cats too. My eBook The Dome is available at Smashwords, Lulu and so on
A printed copy of the book The Dome from the author is available at
Thanks Lara.
Cats are the best! :-)
Thanks Rhys. Let our professional network grow...
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