Thursday, December 12, 2013


More Than a Feline

I don't intend to make a habit of self-publishing, but I have just dipped a toe into those murky waters; and so my next book will be a self-published one, a collection of cat themed stories and poems called More Than a Feline. I am a confessed cat lover and decided to put together all (or most) of the cat stories and poems I have written over the past 20 years into a single document. Then I asked various artists to submit drawings of cats and eight of them obliged.

Lunar Love Cats by Adele Whittle
So the book will be an illustrated collection of feline fiction and verse. I had a great artist lined up to do the cover but he was so busy with other commitments (and I am by nature such an impatient person) that I finally decided to do the cover myself. I took a photo of a cat I know called Tufty and used that for the cover! I uploaded the book to Lulu yesterday and it can be found here.

I wanted this book to be inexpensive, so I set a low price for it of only £4.99. But I have also arranged for a 20% discount, so for the next month it will be only £3.99. It should be on Amazon soon. I don't expect this book to sell well, but I enjoyed writing the stories and poems and that's the main thing that counts. Cats are great!

The illustration above is a painting on a pebble that is one of the pictures included in the book. It was done by the artist Adele Whittle and other examples of her work (paintings and jewellery) can be viewed and purchased by clicking on this link.

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