Friday, December 20, 2013


My Twenty-Seventh Book

My 27th book is also my fifth and last book of 2013. I am putting out too many books too quickly at the moment: they are interfering with each other in terms of sales. I remember the sage advice of Jeff VanderMeer many years ago: "One book a year, maximum!"  But I tend to ignore advice in most areas of my life. Ah well!

More Than a Feline is my first self-published book. I don't intend to make a habit of self-publishing (just two or three books in total) and I don't expect this collection to do well; it's more a gift to myself than anything else. I did enjoy having complete control over the contents, layout and design though! Such total control might not actually be a good idea in general, but hey, it's a collection of stories and poems about cats. Like cats themselves, it's not really going to go far...

I designed the cover myself. It's a photo I took of Tufty, a cat I regularly look after. The book is dedicated to Koshka, the cat I once 'owned'. The collection is illustrated and eight artists contributed a drawing. Not knowing anything about printing and image resolution, I didn't expect the illustrations to come out especially well, but to my delight they are very clear. I am very happy with the look of the book. More information, including how to buy it, can be found on the relevant link here.


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