Thursday, January 02, 2014


Telescopes is an Ebook

My fourth ever book, The Smell of Telescopes, was published back in the year 2000 by Tartarus PressRated by Michael Moorcock as one of the top ten 'overlooked speculative fiction classics' it consists of 26 short stories, some of which are collected into three story cycles which all converge (and are resolved) in the final story in the book.

Telescopes remains one of my best books, I think. The second edition was published by Eibonvale Press in 2007. The original Tartarus edition is now worth a fair bit of money. I am therefore hugely delighted to begin the new year with an announcement that the book is now finally available as an ebook more than thirteen years after it first appeared. It can be obtained directly from Tartarus here.

It is also available on Amazon and elsewhere...

The linked series of pirate stories in this collection is one of my favorite collective bits of literature, adding a sense of wistfulness to your usual language-pyrotechnics. (Except perhaps for the very last one which overexplains a bit.) Will probably end up ordering the eBook too, just to be a format-completist.
Thanks. I am also fond of those five linked pirate stories (I always used to refer to them as 'The Morgan Wheel') but it was so hard getting them into the book... Almost nobody else likes them. At the time I was trying to write the way Milorad Pavic does.
...or did write, I should say, as he died a few years ago.
(sigh) as if my to-be-read shelf wasn't already holiday-full... very well, Milorad Pavic it is then. On it.
I can't recommend highly enough his novels. Especially Landscape Painted with Tea
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