Friday, May 22, 2015


More Mirrors

More promotion for my latest book. The first review has just come in, courtesy of the Risingshadow website.

I am also extremely pleased that Michael Bishop and John Clute have already received their copies and hope to review it in the near future.

This photo shows me reading a copy of MIRRORS IN THE DELUGE while standing in front of a MIRRORS IN THE DELUGE poster and drinking coffee from a MIRRORS IN THE DELUGE mug while wearing a MIRRORS IN THE DELUGE shirt... All courtesy of the excellent Elsewhen Press... The image has been mirrored.

With luck there will be a small event in Cosmo restauarant on Sunday evening to mark the publication of this book. If you happen to be in the Swansea area drop me a line and come along! The stories in this book are the kind I most enjoy writing. Therefore the existence of this book is especially thrilling to me.

I've just noticed this tome contains a story titled "Unicorn on the Cob." Entirely independent of this knowledge (I swear) I scribbled this up some weeks back: . I guess great minds think alike! Or, at least, our two minds have a similar interest in wordplay.
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